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Bukit Brown Cemetery


A selection of images from the Bukit Brown Cemetery Documentation Project. For the past 3 years Terence has been documenting the social and cultural life of Bukit Brown Cemetery including exhumations, re-interments and various annual festivals like Qing Ming, the Hungry Ghost Festival and Han Yi Jie (Winter Clothing Festival). See the photos


Chao Du - A Story of Salvation


Presented in Singapore, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Chao Du is a visual multimedia story of Xuan Jiang Dian, a Taoist organisation in Bukit Merah with a spiritual connection to Bukit Brown Cemetery. Terence has also been following Xuan Jiang Dian's rituals and activities for the last 2 years, visually documenting their annual activities. Watch Chao Du


Heartland Hosts and Heralds


An ongoing project involving the visual study of diasporic ethnicities and place-making in suburban Singapore. Terence follows the rituals and celebrations of Tang-ki, or Taoist spirit mediums who enter a trance in order to host a particular deity from the Taoist pantheon. See the photos


Personifying the City


A personal project to document and create a portraiture of wandering urban spaces. Cities include London, Singapore, Toronto and Yangon. See the photos