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Visual Methods in the Field, Photography for the Social Sciences

2017, Routledge, London


The use of images, particularly photography, has been steadily gaining popularity in academia, but there has not yet been a book that deals with the act and process of photo-taking in the field. Drawing upon 21 years of photographic experience and sociological research, Terence Heng’s immersive and narrative style will


  • Introduce photography as a qualitative method
  • Discuss the intricacies of, challenges in and opportunities for using a camera in the field
  • Explore common themes and topics in social science research, including photographing rituals, space, people and objects
  • Advise on navigating the always evolving technological landscapes of traditional, digital and mobile photography

Visual Methods in the Field: Photography for the Social Sciences is a photography guide written for researchers by a researcher. Using in-depth ethnographic case studies from research done on in various urban environments, this book will act as a crucial bridge for students in geography, sociology, education, media studies and other social sciences to incorporate photography into their research repertoire.


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visual methods in the field


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